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Training Visas

The training visas category is called the H-3 visa category. The immigration laws allow United States companies with international offices, factories, and so on to bring foreign employees to the U.S. with an H-3 visa.

The H-3 visa is issued to employees for special job training in the United States that they cannot receive anywhere else. The H-3 visa is for foreign employees to be in the U.S. to learn special skills that they can then use at their jobs back home.

The H-3 visa is not a "work visa," in that employees in this visa category are not supposed to focus on producing goods or services for the U.S. Company. The reason for the H-3 visa is for foreign employees of U.S. companies to become better at their work because of the training they had here. The amount of time a foreign employee is allowed to be in the United States for job training is decided by the U.S. Company that he or she works for. There is a firm time limit on the H-3 visa of two years in which all job training must be completed.