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Business Visitor and Tourist Visas

People from around the world can come to the United States, for business on a B-1 visa, or for pleasure on a B-2 visa. The B visa category is what most foreign visitors use in order to enter the United States. For foreign visitors in the B visa category, the length of a visit is usually short. Most visitors to the United States on B visas come for similar purposes, which include: touring and sight-seeing, visiting family and friends, seeking health care, or handling a business project for an overseas employer. However, foreign visitors in the B visa category cannot obtain employment or enroll in any school as a student. The general amount of time the B visa allows a foreign visitor to stay in the United States is about six months to a year.

More recently, American consulates have become more stringent in approving "B" visas. The low rate of approval is based on the common misuse of the "B" visa by visitors from other countries who use such visas as a pretense to come to the United States and work here or otherwise remain here beyond their authorized stay.

Our firm can assist prospective clients with our experience in consulate practice and ensure a successful application for legitimate visitors.