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  Immigration Spotlight

INS Announces Legal Immigration Figures for Fiscal Year 2001; News Release; August 30, 2002

INS Announces New Rule to Assist Part-time Commuter Students; News Release; August 26, 2002

Diversity Immigrant Visa Program ("Visa Lottery") ("DV-2004"); August 21, 2002

 Primary Immigration Information

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If I can fill out the Forms Myself, Why Should I Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Battered Immigrant Spouse Petitions

J Visas and the Two Year Foreign Residency Requirement

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 Immigration Quote of the Day

``You can go to Turkey and live there your whole life, but never really become a Turk. You can go to Japan and live there, but never really become Japanese. You can go to Germany, but never become German. But, you can come from any place in the world and become an American.''

President Ronald Regan.

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